Thursday Evening Tastings


Every Thursday evening between 5 and 7 p.m. we offer special tastings that include a glass of champagne, a taste of each variety of caviar available, as well as a featured amuse-bouche. Amuse-bouche is a French expression which, when translated, means “to amuse the mouth.” A wonderful way to start your evening. $30.00 per guest plus tax.


Featured amuse-bouche for the month of June:

June 2nd: Classic Caviar Service
June 9th: Linguini with Fresh Black Truffle
June 16th: Deviled Quail Eggs & Caviar
June 23rd: Lemon Spaghettini & Caviar
June 30th: Buckwheat Tartlets & Caviar


Please note that menu items are subject to change occasionally.