How to store caviar?

The ideal objective is not to store caviar at all, but to eat as soon as possible. However, if the caviar is purchased in advance it is recommend storing jars at the optimal temperature range - from 2°C to 4°C.

Please be aware black caviar cannot be frozen as its appearance and taste qualities will be destroyed.

If a jar is unopened and stored within the recommended temperature range, caviar should retain its freshness throughout the dated shelf life. If a jar has already been opened, caviar should be consumed within a maximum of 3 days.

How to serve caviar?

There are two traditions for serving black caviar: Russian and European. In Europe, caviar is served in special bowls of ice with a small glass or crystal vase with caviar placed in the middle with ice surrounding it. In Russia on the contrary, ice has never been used and caviar is simply put in glass, porcelain or silver bowls a few minutes before serving. Historically, in Russia black caviar was always served fresh, while its delivery to Europe took a long time and therefore caviar lost its freshness. It was served to Europeans with different flavours which had to be masked with ice and lemon to remove the fishy smell. Hence, caviar should be taken from a fridge a few minutes before serving and warmed at room temperature - only then it will reveal its true taste.


What drink should caviar be served with?

Black caviar is a traditional appetizer consumed with the most traditional Russian drink - vodka. True connoisseurs simply eat caviar following a shot of vodka simply scooping it with a caviar spoon.

Although the Russian tradition of eating black caviar reached other countries, with cultural modifications, of course. For example, another classic combination has been established in France: black caviar and champagne. While you can always try black caviar with vodka, the safest option will be to enjoy it with champagne. A good sparkling wine combines superbly with the contrast of caviar’s salty taste.

What are the health benefits of caviar?

Black caviar is full of nutrients and vitamins and helps to:



  +  Brain activity

  +  Memory

  +  Eye sight



  +  Immune system

  +  Mood

  +  Hemoglobin



  +  Thrombus formation

  +  Tumor occurrence



  +  Blood circulation

  +  Blood sugar level



  +  Nervous system

  +  Vascular walls

  +  Bones and joints


Contribute to

  +  Tissues and skin regeneration

  +  Thyroid gland health



  +  Men and women’s fertility


  +  Ageing processes


Can I consume too much of caviar?

While over-indulging in caviar may seem like an impossible idea, you can overdo anything in life and it is always advisable to moderate your actions. This is especially true with caviar as you would not want a bad experience to influence future possibilities of enjoyment.


Can children eat caviar?

It is not recommended to give black caviar to children under 3 years old. Consult with a pediatrician before introducing it to any young child’s diet. However, black caviar can be very beneficial for older children as an enormous source of different nutrients and vitamins.


Why caviar from Russian Caviar House is the best?

Black caviar produced by the Russian Caviar House is 100% authentic and it is the leader of the Russian caviar market. Over the past few years, breeding of sturgeon for caviar production has become quite common. However, the vast majority of fish farms use reservoirs with a closed cycle which inevitably affects caviar’s quality and taste. Our sturgeon farm is located on the Suda river where fish are kept in specifically built running water ponds in conditions as close to natural as possible. Therefore, the taste of our caviar is extremely clean and without discolouring shades or flavours. Thanks to the technology of lifetime caviar extraction, our uterine herd is the most age-related in Russia, some individuals are over 15 years old, and the older the fish, the more delicious and valuable its caviar are.


At the production facility RTF Diana, a food safety management system (EMSBP) has been successfully implemented. This system is in full compliance with the requirements of ISO 22000, the certification scheme FSSC 22000, and is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Every year an independent inspector of the Russian branch of DQS GmbH conducts an audit. Therefore, our caviar is both an environmentally friendly and safe product. One of our key advantages is our consistently high quality of products over many years which is documented by many certifications and awards.

Red caviar produced under our brand is extracted and harvested in Kamchatka and Sakhalin. It is packed in our production facility in Moscow after mandatory rigorous pre-selection with organoleptic parameters and laboratory testing for food safety


Why is black caviar so expensive?

There are two main reasons why authentic black caviar is so expensive:

   1. It is a valuable food product with unique taste that does not have any equal or viable substitutes.

   2. It is a very rare product requiring production which now involves enormous initial investments.


Indeed, current prices for black caviar are considered high and sometimes the question arises if manufacturers are artificially inflating them. Simply started, when caviar was produced from the wild and the volume of natural resources seemed inexhaustible, the cost was reasonably low. Producers only bore the costs of fishing, salting, packing and shipping logistics. Now fish have to be grown and it is very expensive. Also, sturgeons are extremely complex in breeding and maintenance. In order be able to harvest caviar a female sturgeon must reach the age of 6-9 years old. All this time, a manufacturer is exposed to the very real risks of not only her death or illness, but also to costs of feeding and maintenance. However, it is definitely worth it. Today we can consume the highest quality caviar without harm to the environment.


Consistent Quality Assurance

The Russian Caviar House has worked diligently for over 34 years to successfully develop sustainable sources of the highest quality Russian caviar. We now ensure that its best range of products is directly imported from Russia and available in Australia.

Once available only for royally, black caviar is now one of the most elite natural delicacies admired by  foodies around the world. All Russian Caviar House caviar is sourced from the pristine rivers of northern Russia offering genuinely rare products. The brand has become known for its legal, humane and sustainable production of high quality, fresh caviar.


How do I become a stockist?

Easy. Simply give us a call.